Alamat Classic School Wars.

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Alamat Classic School Wars.

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:44 pm

Schedule: 2pm, 10pm, 7pm, 9pm and 10am (Philippines Time)
Requirements:Level 140 and above!

1. When School Wars start, System will open the portal within 5 Minutes.
2. Go immediately to bus station and ride to Waiting Zone Area.
3. At waiting zone area you can find 3 school logo which is the portal to School War.
4. Go portal and teleport to School Wars Map event.
Note: PORTAL OPEN on Waiting Zone Map will only be last for 5 minutes, so make sure to enter the portal and
teleport to School Wars Map before the time limit.

5.Once you've been teleported at the Waiting Zone Map, System will automatically assign your school.
No need to locate your base, its automatic spawn at your school base.
3. Make sure to  save point to School Tower Controller to avoid kick out from the battle field.
4. Destroy the Enemy's Tower within 1 Hour and receive drop SW Chips from tower destroyed.
5. Once the student destroy a tower, it announce the killer and school tower destroyed and
give +50 point to the player who last hit the tower and increase points of the school by 200 points
while -50 for School Tower destroyed.
6. Limit for 30 min. battle. when time limit is reach, Award will automatically inserted into your inventory and all students will automatically get out from school wars map and teleport back to Waiting zone Area. Make sure you have killed or else you
have no reward.

1. You cannot use any teleports card during war.
2. Normal potion will not work on battle field.
You must purchase war potion to heal your wounds.
3. If your disconnected and forget to save point inside school wars map
then you cannot rejoin the war. Recall Card won't work.

Note: Make sure that you have slots on your inventory for the prestigious rewards
that will be given after winning the School War.

School Wars Rewards:
For Top Players
* Destiny Box (Power Up, Crazy Time, and more)
For Players with kills
* School War Tower Chip- a collectible item which is needed in exchange for an exclusive item.

Jack - an npc which will help to craft item using School War Tower chip into Rare Necklace.
item required and pcs also available at jack information table. Ask jack how to combine and other materials needed.

*Craft School War Tower Chip for an exclusive item.
#Note:The following item is from official server of ran online which is not modified by Alamat Classic Online Private Server in order to keep the balance community and game play.


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