Rules and Regulation

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Rules and Regulation

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:03 am

Alamat Online Server Policy:

[1] Cannot request any items from GM staff
[2] Cannot request for any special demand such as stat points/box or up level..
[3] Cannot curse, ill manner or being rude to server or GM (penalty Permanent Banned)
[4] Cannot attempt to cheat or scam donation item or request (penalty Permanent Banned)
[5] Do not fight involving race,religion,politics and country
[6] Do not argue over race,religion,politics and country
[7] Prohibited from making any disturbances to the database and server (penalty Permanent Banned)
[8] Cannot spam chat
[9] Cannot cheat or scam other player (penalty Permanent Banned)
[10] Cannot make interference /threat/abuse through forum/email or GM telephone
[11] Unauthorized advertisement is not allowed
[12] Prohibited from making name char characterized by pornographic, racism or abuse (penalty Permanent Banned)
[13] Do not involve GM, admin and Staff in any fighting case in game.
[14] Alamat Admin/staff is not responsible if happened real life fight
[15] Alamat team will not be responsible if any fraud occurs during the trading process between players.


[1] Ban Account (Permanent/temporary)
[2] Ban Chat (Permanent/temporary)
[3] Delete Character
[4] Change Name Character

Reminder to players

[1] Do not share account
[2] Selling Account is Prohibited
[3] Trading Account is also Prohibited
[4] Prohibited from giving login id and your password to others!
[5] Sell / buy (trading gold / item / ID player) among player with player is at their own risk
[6] Alamat Teams will not replace any donation item if your ID is involved with any problem listed above

PENALTY for Killing Dummy Character

1st Offense:
2 Day Account Block
Reset PK Win Score
-65 Attribute

2nd Offense:

15 Days Account Block
Reset PK Win Score
-200 Attribute

3rd Offense:
Reset PK Win Score
Block IP
-9999 Attribute

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