Last Weapon , Armor and Where to FIND?

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Last Weapon , Armor and Where to FIND?

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:00 am

Where this item DROP?
1. Dark Swordsman
2. Dark Swordsman Jr.
3. Ninja Knife
4. Ethereal Fist

Map: Leonine
5. DAM - Dark Art Master

Map: Hangout
6. Ice Tyrant
7. Death Reaper
8. Saint Gambler

Map: Root Hole
9. Corrupted Bumbero
10. Bilanggo
11. Dark Arts Agent
12. Guillotine Master

Map: PTZ - Prison Test Zone
13. Ultimate Destroyer
14. Giant Hawk

All Boss in HEAD B
Map: All Map in HEAB B
Map: Middle Hole

New Drop Map Added:
New Shibuya Map
- Need Shibuya card to enter this map. you can purchase using your v-points at vote shop for only 4 v-points. This map drop all kinds of weapon and armor. Dark set drop with 1% rate. Have fun and enjoy hunting refines , armor and weapon.

======== also in DESTINY Box Monster ======
Like Robot and Kuting mobs

NOTE: You can also CRAFT Dark Coat / Suit / Vest / Robe


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