Alamat Server "CLUB DEATH MATCH"

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Alamat Server "CLUB DEATH MATCH"

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:53 am

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The background of Club Death Match

From the originated establishment of 3 private educational institute, all institute's clubs are it’s at most serenity existence. When the accident happened and unexpected door had opened, the strongest 8 members of the club thought that this could be a great opportunity to see another world, and then they decided to pass through that new dimension. Unfortunately, among 8 members only the club master had the chance to come back alive.
Right after he went back from that dimension, the club master saw the disaster that this dimension might bring to our world, so in order to stop this from happening he thought of making the most elite club with a new member of 8 people including him.

Limit and Club Required to join club death match (CDM)
- Only 8 members including Club master
- Guild Must S-Rank Club Rank

Club Death Match's rule

* Maximum members: 8 people including Club master
* CDM Time: 1 hour
* Who can get CDM’s right:
Club master will grant the right to participate in CDM to 7 members.
Club master is always has capacity to qualified himself in joining CDM.

Club master cannot give the right of CDM to other members in 10 minutes before CDM started until CDM ended (The member without the right cannot participate or enter to the CDM portal found at Market place. Press M in market place to location the exact CDM entrance portal).


- CDM Badge (use to mix rare item or sell to npc, 50k each)

CDM Start (Schedule)

Time Start : 8pm
Every Tuesday , Thursday, and Sunday


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