[Quest] Skills and Location (Spiritual Sphere Quest)

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[Quest] Skills and Location (Spiritual Sphere Quest)

Post by Admin on Wed May 25, 2016 6:37 am

Compilation below on how to get Spiritual Sphere Quest and Convert to SCROLL to learn new skills.


1. Skill lvl 5 and up CLICK ME TO VIEW

2. Skill lvl 5 and up VIDEO MODE

This video is not own by r4n online and never claim the right for this.

Time location and Quest
00:07 - 5th Spiritual
00:42 - 6th Spiritual
01:05 - 7th Spiritual
01:56 - 8th Spiritual
03:05 - 9th Spiritual and 10th Spiritual
10:07 - 11th Spiritual
12:12 - 12th Spiritual
13:35 - 13th Spiritual

NOTE: sa mga ayaw mag QUEST at gusto parasap then I have for you. visit this link and just simple buy all Spiritual Sphere. CLICK ME TO VIEW


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